Peachy is an interior styling business that promises beautiful rooms that are functional, flexible, and within your budget.

Peachy takes inspiration from each individual room and uses neutral colour palettes to form a base canvas. We use layering, textures and patterns -  combined with functional pieces and structure to create exceptional and comfortable spaces.

We also consider flexibility and longevity in our design so that spaces can be easily altered as needed. This is particularly useful for short term rental businesses looking to refresh the aesthetic of their properties, as well as homeowners who enjoy rotating their decor to keep their homes current.

At Peachy we curate rooms that consider a variety of styles and preferences, and we make it our business to keep abreast of style forecasts and trends.

Peachy is committed to excellence and thrives on the thrill of the next styling challenge. A space that is functional and beautiful is Peacy’s promise.


I am an interior stylist and absolutely love what I do. My design style always combines beauty and practicality - creating beautiful, liveable spaces.

I have extensive experience as a property stylist, creating beautifully styled homes. I have worked with a variety of property types, ranging from beach homes, city apartments and even the occasional country cottage - and I enjoyed bringing life to them all.

Every space is unique and I look forward to the challenge of creating an aesthetic that appeals to the client, whether it is to live in and love, or to prepare for hire or sale. Transforming underwhelming spaces into something fresh and beautiful is a unique talent I have and I enjoy every aspect of the process.

I possess a keen eye for detail, functionality, and creating spaces that work.

What started out as a hobby, quickly evolved into my dream career - allowing me to do what I love each and every day.

- Lloyd